A Breakthrough Solution for Women’s Sexual Health - FemiWave

Sound waves are used to repair blood vessels and increase blood flow which enhance sexual function and performance, both you and your partner will enjoy! 

FemiWave - The Latest Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

What is FemiWave™?

FemiWave™is a procedure that uses pulse waves to repair blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the vagina. Women can expect to experience increased sensitivity and lubrication, as well as strengthening, tightening and improved physical appearance. Overall, FemiWave helps enhance sexual performance and function.

The procedure is noninvasive, comfortable and performed on the outer and inner labia right in the provider’s office. There is no downtime, drugs or laser, and results are long-lasting.

FemiWave uses shockwave therapy which has been around for years and is based on numerous clinical studies proven to increase blood flow and restore healthy tissue. 


What to Expect?

FemiWave™ is a noninvasive procedure that uses pulse waves to repair blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the vagina. The procedure is comfortable and performed on the outer and inner labia. It’s performed in-office, with no downtime, drugs or surgery, and results are long-lasting.  

1. Request an Appointment with our doctor.  You can address your concerns and discuss the best treatment program for you with our Health and Wellness Advisor. 

2. Schedule your in-office treatment sessions. The procedure takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. 

3. After the FemiWave procedure: 

  • You can  resume normal daily activities, even sex the same night! 
  • Many women experience positive results post treatment including better sensation and shorter arousal time*.

*  Results vary based on a patient’s medical condition and age and may take a few months to obtain. 

How it Works?

FemiWave™ is a revolutionary procedure that uses low-intensity sound waves (also referred to as acoustic wave therapy) to restore sensation and natural lubrication. The procedure increases cell signaling in blood vessels, which increases blood flow to nerves and the vaginal lining. 

The FemiWave procedure activates the growth of healthier vaginal tissue. This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the vagina and can make orgasms easier to achieve. FemiWave restores the ability to lubricate and can reduce pain experienced during intercourse. 

In 6 to 12 sessions each taking between 15 to 20 minutes, FemiWave treatments:

  • Stimulate the release of growth factors in vaginal tissue, resulting in the generation of new blood vessels
  • Enhance sensitivity in the vagina
  • Increase natural lubrication production
  • Tighten and strengthen muscles to improve incontinence

By increasing blood flow to the vagina, women will experience increased sensitivity, lubrication, strengthening and tightening


What is FemiWave?

FemiWave is a safe noninvasive procedure for women to restore vaginal sensitivity and increase natural lubrication for more enjoyable intercourse. FemiWave delivers diffused energy of pulse waves to repair blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the vagina. It’s a safe and effective treatment that is drug-free, laser-free, performed in-office and provides long-lasting results. There are no known side effects, and with no downtime, you can enjoy the results the same night! 

How does it work?

FemiWave uses pulse waves to repair blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the vagina. The procedure is noninvasive and performed in a simple in-office visit. FemiWave treats the outer and inner labia with no downtime, drugs or laser and results are long-lasting. 

What are the benefits?

  •  Drug and laser free
  • Long-term results that treat the root issue
  • No risks, no side effects
  • Safe for those who have had a hysterectomy
  • Increases sensitivity and lubrication for shorter arousal time
  • Improved control over urinary incontinence
  • Tightens the vagina and improves physical appearance
  • Enhanced ability to reach orgasm
  • Heightened self-confidence
  • Enriched quality of life
  • Breaks down scar tissue from episiotomy repair

How long do the effects last?

FemiWave effects can last 2- 3 years, depending on the patient. 

Is this new?

This sound wave therapy to improve blood flow has been used in Europe for more than 15 years with great success. 

Are there side effects?

There are little or no known side effects. 

Is there clinical research?

Shockwave therapy, used in the FemiWave procedure, has been around for years with numerous clinical studies showing its efficacy in increasing blood flow and restoring tissue. 

How many treatments are required? And when is the best time to go?

Treatment depends on your goals, but usually anywhere from 6 – 10 sessions are suggested. The best time to receive treatment is right after your menstrual cycle ends. Treatment cannot be performed during a woman’s menstrual cycle or if an infection is present. 

What is the difference between FemiWave and other vaginal rejuvenation options?

FemiWave is a long-term solution unlike anything else on the market that improves the overall function of the vagina. Other treatment options may usually focus on one thing like tightening or improving the look of the vagina. FemiWave is laser free and increases sensitivity, tightens, improves incontinence, increases lubrication and improves the overall appearance. 

Who can benefit from FemiWave?

FemiWave has developed a protocol to specifically treat women in various life stages including after childbirth, perimenopause, menopause and post menopause to eliminate sexual discomfort, improve function and enhance sexual performance. 

Expected Results

Sexual Enhancement


Women during all stages of life have an interest in improving their sexual performance with increased sensitivity, better orgasms, and natural lubrication.  FemiWave is a safe and effective procedure that enhances a woman’s sexual performance long-term. Intercourse can become more enjoyable due to increased sensitivity, lubrication and overall increased confidence. 

Menopause & Post Menopause


 Menopause is the stage when a woman has not had her menstrual period for 12 consecutive months. At this time, the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs and estrogen production is significantly reduced.  Menopause affects a woman’s body in numerous ways and can continue into post menopause. Symptoms may include a weaker bladder, hot flashes, decreased skin elasticity, problems sleeping and weight gain. 

 With decreased hormone levels it’s no surprise the vagina experiences changes as well, which can include:

  • Dryness
  • Painful intercourse
  • Thinning of the vaginal lining
  • Reduced sex drive

 FemiWave™ helps women during and after menopause by increasing blood flow to the vagina resulting in increased sensitivity, natural lubrication, higher sex drive, restoration of new vaginal tissue and strengthening of muscles to improve urinary incontinence. 



Perimenopause occurs a few years before menopause actually starts. This is the time when the ovaries start to produce less estrogen and menstruation becomes irregular. Women generally experience perimenopause in their 40s, but it can start in the 30s or earlier.

 Perimenopause usually lasts about 4 years and officially transitions into menopause once a woman does not menstruate for 12 consecutive months. Many symptoms can be present during this time including hot flashes, decreased sex drive, fatigue, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, breast tenderness, urinary incontinence and mood swings. 

 FemiWave™ can help perimenopausal women with vaginal dryness by increasing natural lubrication, increasing blood flow to boost sex drive and tighten the vagina to help improve urinary incontinence. 

After Childbirth


It’s no surprise a woman’s body goes through many changes during childbirth, but some changes which occur after childbirth can be unexpected to a new mother or leave her missing her old body. Some symptoms may include decreased estrogen levels, bleeding, constipation, stretchmarks, hair loss and stubborn belly fat.

Additionally, the vagina can experience things like bruising, swelling, stretching, dryness and overall pain.

 FemiWave™ is great for women six months after they have had a child and are looking to:  

  • Improve vaginal laxity
  • Help improve urinary incontinence
  • Rejuvenate the vagina
  • Get back to how they looked & felt pre-baby
  • Break down scar tissue from episiotomy repair

Our Process


My husband doesn’t know I am having these treatments completed, yet he notices a huge difference during sex. I am so pleased with the increased wetness and he is excited about my desire to have sex.

Renee R.

FemiWave is saving my marriage and my self-esteem to even engage in more pleasant sexual activity. I have no more pain, and orgasms seem to last a lot longer.

Melissa R.

My sexual warmup time is now cut in half! My husband always looks forward to my treatment.

Natalie T.